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The German Airport Performance (GAP) group is a research and consulting group from different German universities and other academic institutions, such as the University of Applied Sciences Bremen, the Berlin School of Economics and Law and the Hochschule Worms.

We have access to a large network of aviation specialists when additional expertise is required to solve praktical questions. Our main focus is airport performance assessment and benchmarking, by means of innovative "out-of-the-box" thinking and creative approaches and solutions. We might provide objective answers that are contrary to prior beliefs and expectations.

To solve your questions we apply our long experience, our broad theoretical fundament  and our holistic expert knowledge.     

We offer consulting and innovative viewpoints on air transportation related problems, such as profit, revenue and cost analysis, capacity studies, regulatory issues, pricing or sustainable aviation. Past consultant projects involved the reporting to ministries and other governmental institutions and different airport operators.    

 Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to describe your most urgent challenges with us. We certainly can provide you with advice.


Prof. Dr. Frank Fichert

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Müller

Berlin School of Economics and Law


Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Niemeier

University of Applied Sciences Bremen


Prof. Dr. Frank Fichert

Hochschule Worms



Dr. Tolga Ülkü

IU International University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Branko Bubalo

University of Hamburg
Institute of Information Systems

Through our connections within the G.A.R.S. network, we have contacts to the top universities worldwide.

Our ambition is to study and to recommend changes in the institutional structure and performance of airports, the effect of commercialization and the competitive environment on them, and to consider future requirements with regards to financial and ecological regulation.

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 Our partners are Airlines, Airports, Universities, Consultancy Companies and other aviation connected entities.
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